Patios & Lighting

The illuminated patios at Solstice Commons are ready for you to come by and relax.

Security Gates and Access Control

We have mentioned how Solstice Commons is a longer term community, and we want our guests to have peace of mind, knowing their RV and belongings are in a secure facility.  Our access control system is set up to conveniently provide you three ways to get in.  We give you a proximity key car, a proximity key fob, and a 4 digit code.  Use any of them to authenticate at the Solstice Commons front gate, and gain access to the park.


Mail Call!

Getting daily regular mail service from the United States Postal Service (USPS) at an RV Park anywhere, much less in the gogo Permian Basin, is unheard of.  Except at Solstice Commons we got it done for you.

Official USPS mail service and small parcel service to your own locked, authorized USPS mail box.  It’s just one more thing that sets your Solstice Commons residence apart from the others.   The mail boxes are officially installed as of today, so to quote a familiar phrase… “you’ve got mail!”

Most Bricks In West Texas?

The front Wall at Solstice Commons was a monumental effort.  It’s completion is now a monument to the art of bricklaying.  Almost 300 linear feet and over 22,000 bricks.  We’ll be hanging the security entry gates shortly, and are looking forward to you driving through them to your new home.